Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you think Spruce Mountain Inn can help me/my family member?

    In order to determine if our program is a good fit for you, we have developed a careful admissions process that allows us to get to know you, explore your background and current struggles, and answer questions you may have. Thus, this question is best answered by contacting us and starting the conversation with Candace about your situation, your goals, and what we do. Take a look at our general admissions criteria, as they outline the client profile that our treatment model was designed to serve. We are just as committed as you are to ensuring a good match between people seeking residential treatment and our program, so we will let you know if we think another program or resource might better serve your needs.

  • How much does it cost to attend Spruce Mountain? Will insurance cover it?

    Spruce Mountain Inn is committed to providing an exceptional treatment program with highly-qualified staff for a fair tuition fee. A breakdown of our per diem rate and other costs can be found here. Spruce Mountain Inn does not bill insurance directly, but if you are interested in exploring options for any kind of reimbursement, talk to your insurer about your coverage.

  • Is financial aid available?

    Due to our small size, Spruce Mountain Inn does not offer any financial assistance. Prospective residents and their families should be prepared to pay our full fee.

  • How long will I/my family member need to be at Spruce?

    The answer to this question will depend on many factors, including the clinical needs and goals for coming to Spruce, a person’s readiness for residential treatment and personal pace of growth and work, and prior experience living independently. Issues such as substance abuse relapse, changing goals, family stressors etc. may at times lengthen a course of treatment. Spruce is designed to be a medium-to-long term treatment program, so we are not a good fit for someone seeking to enter treatment for just a few months. Our average length of stay is 9 months, with some people completing treatment in a bit less time, and some residents staying longer to meet their goals.

  • Can family visit and can residents come home for visits?

    Family visits here at Spruce and trips home or to other destinations are discussed with a resident, their family, and their team to explore their readiness and make a plan for any challenges that may arise. Generally, residents are eligible for visits and trips after they have completed their initial 30 days at Spruce, and if they are in a stable place emotionally and making reasonable progress on their treatment goals.

  • Why is your program better than ________ program?

    Many people contact us wondering if Spruce is “better” than other program options they are considering. We respond by re-framing the question: Is Spruce Mountain Inn the best fit for you? There are many  residential programs to choose from, and it can be difficult to determine what your best options are. Our program has a national reputation for clinical excellence and for our unique integration of mental health and substance abuse treatment, independent living skills development, and career and educational supports. We stand out for our high level of structure, our continuum of services, and for maintaining a homogeneous resident group, which allows us to maintain a highly specialized treatment model. Spruce’s program is designed to serve a very specific population in a certain stage of readiness for residential treatment. We are happy to speak to you about your particular situation and help determine if Spruce is the best fit.

  • Can I bring my dog/car/computer/trampoline with me?

    Applicants will receive detailed information on all Spruce Mountain policies and rules during the admissions process. However, technology access is structured during treatment and all residents go through an initial period of restriction from their computers, cell phones, etc. Pets are not permitted. Residents are eligible to apply for permission to have their car here after their initial 30 days.

  • Why do I have to be sober in your program? I’m over 21, can I drink?

    Spruce Mountain Inn asks all residents to maintain complete sobriety from recreational drugs and alcohol during treatment–regardless of age– because we believe that mental health issues cannot be adequately assessed or stabilized while substance use is in the picture. Many residents have had difficulties with substance use in the past and the sobriety of the entire community is necessary to support their recovery as well. Our Addictions Counselor works with all residents to assess and explore their relationship to drugs and alcohol, and offers additional intensive supports for people with a history of addiction or abuse.

  • Is smoking allowed at Spruce Mountain Inn?

    Smoking is allowed during free time in a designated outdoor smoking area only.

  • How is family involved in treatment at Spruce?

    We believe that treatment is generally most successful when family is involved. At admission, Clinical Case Managers will discuss with residents and families what level of parental contact and involvement works best for everyone. Typically, families engage in weekly conference calls with residents and the Case Manager to discuss treatment or other relevant issues. We also strongly encourage all parents to take advantage of the included phone sessions offered by our Parent Coach. Some residents choose to maintain additional regular phone contact with their families, while others prefer the independence of limiting contact to the conference calls. Your team will explore and plan this with you.

  • What is there to do in Plainfield, Vermont?

    A lot! Find out more about the capital region of Vermont here.