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Admissions Process


If you are interested in becoming a resident at Spruce Mountain Inn, please take into account the following general criteria.

We serve young adults aged 18-28:

  • who experience mental health issues that impact mood and relationships.
  • who may struggle with daily activities such as school, employment, or other aspects of adult life.
  • who may suffer from co-occurring substance use.
  • who may engage in addiction-related compulsive behaviors.
  • who may struggle with social skills, self-esteem, or a sense of purpose.
  • who are seeking therapeutic residential treatment support in reaching vocational, educational, and independent living goals.

Residential treatment is an immersive, community-based approach that has the potential to be much more effective than treatment received in someone's typical living environment. The benefits of residential treatment for anxiety/depression/OCD include:


We are honored you are considering Spruce Mountain Inn as a place to heal and grow. Please contact us by phone or email so we can discuss your current situation, your needs, and how our program might help you reach your treatment goals.

Please note: An individual who meets any of the following criteria is not suitable for treatment at Spruce Mountain Inn:

  • suffers from a history of violence
  • suffers from psychotic or thought disorders
  • is actively suicidal
  • suffers from active eating disorders
  • is intellectually low-functioning
  • is medically unstable
  • suffers from conduct disorders

First Steps for Admission

The first step in the admission process is a phone call with our Director or Assistant Director. During this call, we will answer any questions you might have about Spruce Mountain Inn. We will also ask you to share information about your situation and treatment needs.

During the initial phone consultation, we will be able to assess if moving forward with the next step makes sense for you. Moving forward with the admission process will involve gathering clinical records (e.g. psychological assessments, clinical summaries, discharge summaries). We also find it helpful to speak with your current treatment provider(s).

Final Steps for Admission

The final step in the admissions process is an interview with our Director or Assistant Director. These interviews can happen in person when you visit us for a tour, or we will meet via video-conference. This meeting is an opportunity for you to ask questions about our program and prepares you for what to expect. We will also ask you questions about your goals in coming to Spruce Mountain Inn.

If everyone agrees that Spruce Mountain Inn is the appropriate program for you, we will begin looking at possible admission dates and begin the process of completing admissions paperwork, arranging financial details, and attending to other details in preparation for your arrival.

Questions? Call us at 802-454-8353 today.

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Thank you for supporting me in my journey and all the difficulties I have had. You all have taught me a lot, especially self-care maintenance and self-expression. You helped me learn to respect myself and feel that I am worthy.
Resident from New York
It is my great pleasure to thank you for the support you provided my daughter in her struggle to become a happy and functional adult. Because of your belief in fostering the human spirit, you made it possible for T. to find her own strength and define her personal weaknesses. You were there to encourage, support and nudge her to continue the tough road to recovery.
Parent from New Jersey
Yours is one of the few programs I have recommended without having first seen it, just based on the strength of your reputation. I am even more ready to use you now.
Educational Consultant from Tennessee
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Why Residential Treatment

Residential treatment programs have the potential to be much more effective than treatment received in someone's typical living environment. Our program is designed to be immersive and community-based.

Call us at 802-454-8353 today.

The benefits of residential treatment include:

24-hour access to a seasoned team of caring, professional staff.

Full immersion in a supportive community with other young people working to overcome similar challenges.

The opportunity to experience a fresh environment, break habits, and escape triggers experienced in a typical living situation.

The opportunity to work, build life-skills, and contribute creatively in a controlled, supportive setting.

Moderating the use of technology and social media, the overuse of which may fuel anxiety and depression.

Family therapy (for parents and other affected family members) to help improve communication, foster cooperation, and facilitate healthy respect among family members.

Learn more about our approach to residential treatment.