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Residential Treatment for Substance Abuse


Spruce Mountain Inn is not the right program for an individual whose primary struggle is substance abuse. Spruce Mountain Inn does work with individuals who have used substances as a means to cope with anxiety, depression, or trauma (self-medicating). Spruce Mountain Inn’s program includes assessment and treatment for young adults who may need to examine their relationship with substance abuse. At Spruce Mountain, we work with young adults who may have a problematic history

Young adulthood is a developmental stage in which experimentation with recreational substances can be a common part of life. It can be difficult to identify what constitutes “addiction” at this age, but we find that residents who explore their relationships with substances and addictive behavior begin to identify patterns that may have caused problems in the past. All of our therapists are able to help a residents explore their relationships with substance. The goal is to find a healthy means of coping with anxiety and depression. All residents are subject to random substance screens.

Residential treatment is an immersive, community-based approach that has the potential to be much more effective than treatment received in someone's typical living environment. The benefits of residential treatment for anxiety/depression/OCD include:


Our multifaceted approach to residential treatment for addictions and substance use includes:

Assessment: All new residents complete a comprehensive assessment of alcohol and drug use (including prescription drugs), technology use, and other “process addictions” (the compulsion to continually engage in activities or behaviors despite the negative impact on the person’s life). The results of this assessment may indicate the need for specialized supports while in treatment at Spruce.

Education: All residents participate in a required Psycho-Education Group that examines the role of dopamine in shaping behavior. This curriculum addresses how substances impact mental health symptoms and medications, how to identify addiction, and it examines the impact of non-substance related behaviors such as online gaming or internet addiction.

Recovery supports: Residents with strong evidence of problematic relationships with substances or other addictive behaviors will attend the Living Sober Group weekly. There are times with the clinician may decide to utilize outside support activities, such as attending 12-Step meetings and Refuge Recovery. These types of interventions would be added to the treatment plan.

Sober community: Spruce Mountain Inn requires all residents to abstain from recreational drugs and alcohol while in treatment. This provides a safe and supportive environment for people in recovery and allows us to assess and treat mental health issues in the most effective way. Staff conduct regular random urine screens and breathalyzer tests to support resident sobriety at Spruce.

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There is no way we can possibly thank you enough for everything you did for my son while he was at Spruce Mountain. During what was the most traumatic period of our family’s life, we felt so fortunate that there was a place that could offer help for our son. Thank you all so much for helping our family get through a very dark time. We couldn’t have done it without all of you being there for us.
Parents from Vermont
I will miss everyone at Spruce Mountain Inn and am beyond thankful for all the support, advice, patience and compassion everyone had for me. As I continue to grow, I am so grateful for the stable foundation I built with your help while at Spruce Mountain Inn.
Resident from Connecticut
Wow, what a special place you have in Spruce Mountain Inn. The people working at Spruce are incredible and they are what makes your program so special and so unique! I had no idea how warm, nurturing and professional a place you have
Educational Consultant from Tennessee
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