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Many young adults come to Spruce Mountain Inn with academic goals that have not been met due to challenges associated with their mental health. Others become interested in new academic pursuits while in treatment, sometimes as a result of goals clarification or a successful volunteer placement that has sparked new interests.

Our Education Program helps residents who:

  • have not completed their college education and wish to return to school.
  • have not yet attended college, but would like to do so.
  • were unable to complete high school due to mental health concerns and would like to earn their diploma or GED and/or attend college.
  • have specialty interests and would like to take classes offered in the community or at local colleges.
  • are interested in a specific vocation that requires training, certification, or trade school, i.e., culinary arts, nursing, graphic design, veterinary technician, etc.

Each resident works with our Career and Education Development (CED) Coordinator to assess their goals and previous school experiences and to develop and implement an individualized academic plan. This arrangement ensures that residents are supported as they begin to use their newly acquired skills in managing their mental health while attending classes.

Typically, residents with academic goals will attend nearby colleges or universities, or they may enroll in online learning programs. Residents will meet regularly with the CED Coordinator. Other team members are also part of the support system as a resident learns how to manage mental health while balancing his/her/their academic pursuits. Additional supports such as tutoring and disability accommodations may be arranged.

Residential treatment is an immersive, community-based approach that has the potential to be much more effective than treatment received in someone's typical living environment. The benefits of residential treatment for anxiety/depression/OCD include:

All residents enrolled in classes will also participate in these groups:

Academic Success is a group for participants who are academically engaged. Participants check in weekly about their academic progress, and a topic is presented and discussed. Usual topics include: learning styles inventory, study group benefits, note taking strategies, study skill habits, time management techniques, goal setting, test taking methods, college academic resources, organizational skills development, and active textbook reading.

Study Hall is a group that supports those who are taking classes or seeking employment. Residents meet as a facilitated group and benefit from the support of the CED Coordinator and/or staff.

Power of Habit is a group that reads and discusses the book, The Power of Habit. The group learns about topics such as: the habit loop, the golden rule of habit change, keystone habits, and the habit of success. Objectives include: developing new habits, stacking new habits with existing ones, and tracking habit-forming successes and frustrations. Group members are encouraged to support, and accept, help from others

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There is no way we can possibly thank you enough for everything you did for my son while he was at Spruce Mountain. During what was the most traumatic period of our family’s life, we felt so fortunate that there was a place that could offer help for our son. Thank you all so much for helping our family get through a very dark time. We couldn’t have done it without all of you being there for us.
Parents from Vermont
I will miss everyone at Spruce Mountain Inn and am beyond thankful for all the support, advice, patience and compassion everyone had for me. As I continue to grow, I am so grateful for the stable foundation I built with your help while at Spruce Mountain Inn.
Resident from Connecticut
Wow, what a special place you have in Spruce Mountain Inn. The people working at Spruce are incredible and they are what makes your program so special and so unique! I had no idea how warm, nurturing and professional a place you have
Educational Consultant from Tennessee
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We are so proud of our most recent graduate! After months of trying, she finally has her drivers license!

At Spruce we support our residents in not only their mental health journey, but also independent living skills and career and education development.

At Spruce Mountain Inn, we teach the residents how to cook healthy, balanced meals. Nutrition, and cooking for others, can be important to mental health recovery. Our chef teaches the residents how to prepare a meal for the community. ...

Spruce is taking advantage of the winter, and mountains, by offering multiple ski trips this season. Sometimes we need to be pushed out of our comfort zones in order to take the next step. What better place to do it than on top of a mountain! ...

Lindsay, one of our primary therapists is teaching the directors in our clinical meeting. I just had to get a picture of it. ...

The clinical team dressed in groutfits for Halloween. #teamwork ...