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A central focus of treatment at Spruce Mountain Inn is related to supporting increased independence. Residents gain and practice a variety of skills relevant to living independently, such as:

  • money and medication management.
  • transportation skills.
  • finding employment.
  • culinary skills.
  • maintaining a clean living space.
  • practicing personal safety.
  • self-advocacy skills.
  • maintaining healthy personal routines.

As they work their way through the program and begin mastering new skills, residents progress from living in the main residence to living in the on-site Annex apartments. This step allows residents to progress and experience greater levels of freedom and responsibility while remaining engaged with the familiar Spruce community.

Residential treatment is an immersive, community-based approach that has the potential to be much more effective than treatment received in someone's typical living environment. The benefits of residential treatment for anxiety/depression/OCD include:

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I will miss everyone at Spruce Mountain Inn and am beyond thankful for all the support, advice, patience and compassion everyone had for me. As I continue to grow, I am so grateful for the stable foundation I built with your help while at Spruce Mountain Inn.
Resident from Connecticut
I will be working on my Master’s Degree to become a licensed clinical social worker. I wanted to thank you for all of the services you provided me. You are most certainly a part of making this happen for me. I don’t know if I would have ever gone back to school if it hadn’t been for your support.
Resident from Vermont
There are very few places that have provided the quality work with young adults that you have done at Spruce Mountain. The number of clients who have benefitted from Spruce are in the thousands and I credit you for establishing a place where they could get the help they needed.
Martha Moses, MAT, Certified Educational Planner from Florida
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