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Residential Treatment for Young Adults with Depression


At Spruce Mountain Inn, therapy for depression in young adults is based on treatment that is proven to have the most efficacy. Multiple studies have shown Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to be the most effective treatment for depression. Using CBT treatment, the therapist works with the client to identify negative thoughts, feelings, and internal dialogue that may be getting in the way of goals and interfering with relationships. This treatment involves therapist and client working to develop new responses to challenging situations. In addition to meeting with an individual therapist and family therapist weekly, residents will work with our psychiatrist to see if medications might be part of the solution.

Residential treatment is an immersive, community-based approach that has the potential to be much more effective than treatment received in someone's typical living environment


The benefits of residential treatment for depression include:

24-hour access to a seasoned team of caring, professional staff.

full immersion in a supportive community, with other young people working to overcome similar challenges.

the opportunity to experience a fresh environment, break habits, and escape triggers experienced in a typical living situation.

the opportunity to work, build life-skills, and contribute creatively in a controlled, supportive setting.

moderating the use of technology and social media, the overuse of which may fuel depression.

family therapy and parent coaching (for parents and other affected family members) to help improve communication, foster cooperation, and facilitate healthy respect among family members.

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During my son’s stay at Spruce Mountain Inn, I can tell you that the staff was nothing short of INCREDIBLE. The Director, Assistant Director and Case Manager were my main points of communication and they were outstanding! All were highly clinically skilled and communicative and they followed through with everything that we asked and often took the initiative to offer help without our request.
Parent from Pennsylvania
The education, the groups, were invaluable. The counselors were A-1. Availability of staff was 24/7. Spruce Mountain Inn saved my life, plain and simple.
Resident from Massachusetts
It gave me great inner strength and peace to know that my child was in a safe and nurturing environment. You helped me re-establish faith and trust in my daughter. You have offered me and my daughter a new beginning.
Parent from Maryland
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