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The Arts at Spruce

There is empirical evidence to support a connection between the expressive arts and therapeutic healing. Spruce Mountain Inn integrates the expressive arts into many aspects of treatment, finding that a creative approach may help residents process difficult trauma, memories, and/or emotions.

Expressive arts can:

  • help residents get out of their heads and externalize their feelings through artistic expression.
  • help residents (along with their therapists) gain insight into feelings that a resident may not be able to express with words.
  • help relieve stress and help residents cope with depression.

Our main campus makes available a well-equipped art and music studio where residents may paint, draw, sculpt, build, make music, or otherwise create art. This space is also used during free time for holiday or event preparation and for jam sessions.

Our structured groups include:

  • Expressive Arts.
  • Open Art Studio.
  • Off-Beat Hour (i.e. experiencing, sharing, and creating music).

Several times per year, staff and residents come together for various performing arts events such as poetry readings, open mic, and collaborative music performances. Staff and residents also participate in our annual “Spruce Mountain Inn Day” variety show.


Residential treatment is an immersive, community-based approach that has the potential to be much more effective than treatment received in someone's typical living environment. The benefits of residential treatment for anxiety/depression/OCD include:

Recreation at Spruce

At Spruce, we believe that recreation and hobbies contribute to a healthy and satisfying life. We have woven both structured and independent recreation activities into all areas of our program to support resident wellness and social connection.

Spruce’s schedule offers many groups and outings that allow residents to explore interests, socialize, extend themselves beyond their comfort zone, and manage stress through a variety of staff-led activities including:

  • Movement Group: sports and games such as volleyball, basketball, tennis, frisbee, and gym workouts.
  • Arts: trips to local arts and music events, and festivals.
  • Leisure Group: museums, rock climbing, bowling, festivals, movies, beach days, etc.
  • Adventure Group: hiking, canoeing, biking, snowshoeing, geocaching, skiing/snowboarding, etc.
  • Yoga Group.
  • Shopping trips: malls, flea markets, thrift stores, etc.
  • Holidays: special outings and events.

Physical activity is a vital part of the program at Spruce Mountain Inn. Decades of research has shown that exercise can alleviate, perhaps even prevent, anxiety and depression. Exercise also helps boost residents’ confidence by giving them a sense of accomplishment as they engage in meaningful activity.

In addition to the movement and exercise already incorporated in our program, residents have access to our on-site fitness and cardio equipment. They can also be transported to and from the local fitness center daily if they choose.

We have a large collection of sports and recreation gear for personal use, including bicycles, snowshoes, basketballs and hoop, soccer and other sports balls, etc. Many residents choose to supplement their on-campus activity with community classes in yoga, dance, martial arts, or other movement activities.

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Being in nature is really therapeutic for me. I participated in two Treks, a river canoeing trip and a hiking trip. I improved my skills and taught my peers, which bolstered my confidence and self-esteem. As a result of the trips, I got to know the Vermont outdoors. I now get out and explore all the time. I have found this is a new way to apply my skills from treatment in a new setting. Sebastian is really a great leader and I learned a lot from him.
Maddie from DC
The education, the groups, were invaluable. The counselors were A-1. Availability of staff was 24/7. Spruce Mountain Inn saved my life, plain and simple.
Resident from Massachusetts
I benefitted most from all of the therapy and the sense of community. I had been isolated at home doing nothing. I learned for the first time how to make and maintain true relationships. I lived in Manhattan and experienced the expect culture shock, but found it so good for me to be in a different place. At Spruce, the small community is worth everything. Staff really care and they are eager to help. Clients learn how to get along and it is easy to form meaningful relationships, and I benefitted from the structure. I went from being unable to function to acting as the lead in a well-established local theatre company production.
Resident from Pennsylvania
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Why Residential Treatment

Residential treatment programs have the potential to be much more effective than treatment received in someone's typical living environment. Our program is designed to be immersive and community-based.

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The benefits of residential treatment include:

24-hour access to a seasoned team of caring, professional staff.

Full immersion in a supportive community with other young people working to overcome similar challenges.

The opportunity to experience a fresh environment, break habits, and escape triggers experienced in a typical living situation.

The opportunity to work, build life-skills, and contribute creatively in a controlled, supportive setting.

Moderating the use of technology and social media, the overuse of which may fuel anxiety and depression.

Family therapy (for parents and other affected family members) to help improve communication, foster cooperation, and facilitate healthy respect among family members.

Learn more about our approach to residential treatment.


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Happy 42nd birthday to Spruce Mountain Inn RTC! Today we celebrate with the theme of medieval disco! ...

We are so proud of our most recent graduate! After months of trying, she finally has her drivers license!

At Spruce we support our residents in not only their mental health journey, but also independent living skills and career and education development.