Welcome to Spruce Mountain Inn

Nestled in the heart of Central Vermont, we have been providing compassionate, client-driven residential treatment to young adults experiencing difficulty managing life since 1982. As one of the oldest and most well-respected treatment programs in the United States, Spruce Mountain has helped hundreds of young men and women find relief and renewal while embarking on a path of self-discovery that leaves them with a stronger sense of self and clear vision for the future.

Our Comprehensive Treatment Program

Our comprehensive treatment program is specifically modeled to serve young adults with mental health issues impacting mood, difficulty with managing daily affairs and independent living, and difficulty achieving career and educational goals. Our belief is that an interdisciplinary team approach can best serve our residents’ complex needs and create the best environment for success. Unlike many other residential treatment programs, Spruce Mountain does not treat mental health issues in a vacuum. Instead, we address mental health needs in concert with opportunities for social and community engagement, independent living skill development, and career and educational planning and supports. Our community integration gives residents a meaningful chance to practice living well and managing “regular” life at the same time. As residents stabilize and build skills, they progress through our “step down” housing continuum with increased opportunities for independence that mirror real -world independent living.

At Spruce Mountain Inn, we are fortunate to have an exceptional interdisciplinary staff team who employ Evidence-Based Practices in individual and group therapy and offer opportunities for outdoor and experiential activities, and structured skills-based and psycho-education groups. Our low staff-to-resident ratio and our intimate program size allow us to maintain an intentional supportive community that is the foundation of the treatment we provide. In fact, our alumni frequently report that the community experience was the cornerstone of their time here, bolstering them in times of distress or discouragement.

We welcome you to explore our program through this website and consider if Spruce Mountain might be what you are looking for. Please contact us if you have questions this site does not answer, to inquire about space availability, or to arrange a visit. We would be happy to hear from you!