Praise from Professionals

“Spruce Mountain Inn is an excellent placement for young adult and adults. The staff are insightful, thoughtful, and caring and create a warm environment for their client’s growth process. The staff’s intentions are aimed toward cultivating their clients independence and successful next step of the client’s life. This also involves supporting the family to look at unhealthy patterns which may be interfering with the client’s ability to fully taking ownership. Spruce Mountain provides this safe container for a client and family to move forward on a healthy trajectory. “

Krissy Pozatek, MSW
Author and Parent Coach

Krissy is the Author of these books and others:

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Candace and Aaron,

As I reflect back on the last week, the visit with Spruce Mountain really stands out and I wanted to take a moment to share a thank you and some appreciation for the work you are doing and making the time for me to come and get a glimpse of it.

It was inspiring and encouraging to meet the both of you in person, to meet several integral members of your team and get a feel for the work that Spruce Mountain Inn can offer. After 38 years, I imagine you have seen it all and your experience as a program as well as the tenure of your staff seemed to speak for itself. I feel much clearer on the type of student that would likely work at Spruce and look forward to being in touch and have high hopes to work together in the future.

Please thank your staff for taking the time out of their busy schedules to sit and chat and I look forward to the next time our paths cross again!

If you even have any questions, please reach out anytime.


Ricky Becker, LCSW, Clinical Consultant, Integrative Approach

“I would absolutely recommend Spruce for my clients. You have a very solid staff and the residents feel safe and express that. For me, those are winning ingredients! I loved everything I saw today! “

Referring Professional

“I loved visiting your program last week and came away with great feelings about what you all are doing. Most importantly, the residents I talked with were happy and felt that Spruce Mountain Inn was the right place for them.”

Referring Professional

“I never think twice about referring someone to Spruce. You all know what you are doing. I tell parents I would send my own kid there.”

Referring Professional

“What a special place you have in Spruce Mountain Inn. The people working at Spruce are incredible and they are what make your program so unique. I had no idea how warm, nurturing and professional a program you had.”

Referring Professional