Stories from Parents

“Spruce totally turned around our son’s life. He had fallen into deep depression in college, and literally stopped going to classes. After two years at home with multiple psychiatric appointments and multiple group therapy sessions each week, he was somewhat better – but not by that much.

A residential program like Spruce was his last hope. In just over a year, they turned him into a mature and responsible adult, able to get things done, with his depression under control (with medication), interacting well with people, and able to juggle a fully-active life that included a part-time job, local volunteering, and also his Spruce treatment activities.

He has now returned to college, taking a full load and several extracurricular activities, and is doing very well, with good grades. His life is back on track, after he lost almost 4 years to his depression.”

Parents, New York

“I do not have the words to adequately thank you and the other member of my son’s team for all you have done for our family. But for you folks, odds are that he would not even be alive today. I am grateful that he has found his voice and the confidence to more competently handle his circumstances. This has been brought about by the loving, skillful guidance he received from the very special people at Spruce Mountain.”

Parent, Indiana

“It’s hard to believe that in less than 9 months our son went from a depressed, anxious and helpless person to a confident, social and relaxed one. The transformation from when he came to Spruce until now is truly remarkable. I don’t know how you did it.”

Parent, Kansas

“We are very pleased and delighted at the progress our son has made in the time he has been at Spruce, and we can see and hear the results through visits and conversations. He has definitely gained responsibility and self-esteem. We feel his life has been turned around during his stay there and for that we are forever grateful.”

Parents, New York

“Our son’s case manager was amazing. He not only had exemplary clinical and counseling skills, but he was inarguably respectful and diplomatic during all of our communications, even when we were “needy”. We felt so lucky to have him.”

Parent, Massachusetts

“During my son’s stay at SMI, I can tell you that the staff was nothing short of INCREDIBLE. The Director, Assistant Director and Case Manager were my main points of communication and they were outstanding! All were highly clinically skilled and communicative and they followed through with everything that we asked and often took the initiative to offer help without our request.”

Parent, Pennsylvania

“It gave me great inner strength and peace to know that my child was in a safe and nurturing environment. You helped me re-establish faith and trust in my daughter. You have offered me and my daughter a new beginning.”

Parent, Maryland

“It is my great pleasure to thank you for the support you provided my daughter in her struggle to become a happy and functional adult. Because of your belief in fostering the human spirit, you made it possible for T. to find her own strength and define her personal weaknesses. You were there to encourage, support and nudge her to continue the tough road to recovery.”

Parent, New Jersey