TREK Program

Like our wilderness program colleagues, Kayaking fallSpruce Mountain Inn is committed to providing our clients with opportunities for expanded therapeutic work through outdoor and adventure experiences, and has long offered day programming as a component of our clinical model. There is ample evidence that wilderness programming provides a particularly rich therapeutic process that allows for intense, rapidly metabolized progress on treatment issues.

In early 2016 we launched our TREK Program, which provides 3-5 day extended wilderness trips designed to facilitate personal challenge, individual and group problem solving, leadership and social skill development, and exposure to discomfort or fears in a structured, supportive adventure setting. Participation in TREK trips is optional for Spruce residents, and participants must be approved by their clinical team in order to take part. TREK expeditions are designed and led by Sebastian Chandler, our in-house wilderness and adventure guide, and co-facilitated by members of Spruce’s clinical and residential staff. Participants report feeling an increased sense of self-worth, closer relationships with peers, and greater confidence in facing challenges after participation in TREK outings.