Relationship Building & Social Engagement

Many Spruce Mountain Inn residents have struggled with forming and maintaining healthy social relationships. For some, anxiety and self-esteem issues have inhibited them from extending themselves. For others, social connections have historically been associated with unhealthy choices. Many residents arrive here wanting to improve their ability to make positive friendships, interact with peers in a healthy way and feel confident to engage with the community and the world at large.

To this end, Spruce intentionally maintains a small resident census and places great emphasis on cultivating a positive, supportive peer community. Residents get to know each other well as they attend treatment groups, activities, meals, and events together, and we host morning and evening check-in meetings daily. Staff support residents who are prone to isolating or withdrawing in building their capacity to trust, reach out, and engage with their peers. All residents attend weekly Relationship Group, a therapeutic group where they can explore issues, struggles and successes with interpersonal skills, specific relationships, and relationships in general.

Additionally, we strongly encourage active engagement in the community and assist clients in building the skills to successfully volunteer in local organizations, take classes, participate in sports teams, theater and arts activities or other community recreation, etc.  We also provide structured group opportunities such as Adventure Group, Leisure Group, and trips to Montpelier, the fitness center and shopping areas to promote community engagement.