Individual Treatment & Services

All residents at Spruce Mountain Inn  receive intensive individual treatment services during their stay from several clinical professionals who work as a multidisciplinary treatment team.

Components of individual treatment include:

  • Clinical Case Management services to assist clients in setting specific goals, organizing resources to achieve those goals, benefiting from the structure of the program and managing transitions. They facilitate weekly conference calls with parents and residents.  Our Case Managers hold Master’s Degrees and have therapeutic backgrounds which help inform their case management approach.
  • Weekly individual psychotherapy with our Therapists to address issues that are at the core of treatment, including mood disorders, relational problems, trauma, fears, and other topics that are key to the residents well-being. An additional weekly session may be made available to clients who demonstrate a clinical need, for an additional fee.
  • One-to-one support work offered  by skilled Residential Counselors to assist with activities of daily living, which may include: scheduling, money management, shopping, transportation, weekly goals, etc.
  • Psychiatric evaluation, treatment, psychopharmacology and treatment consultation by our consulting Psychiatrist as needed.
  • Individual meetings with our Career and Education Development Coordinator, as needed depending on resident goals.
  • On-site addictions treatment and education with our Addictions Counselor.

Individual Check-Ins with Residential Counselors nightly during the first two weeks of one’s stay at the Inn, followed by a month of two check-ins weekly. Check-ins are intended to help folks develop relationships with staff and become comfortable asking for support. They remain available as needed after the initial scheduled period throughout one’s program at Spruce Mountain Inn.