Family Work/Parent Coaching

Family Work at Spruce Mountain Inn

Parents play a critical role in the lives of their adult children who have decided to participate in treatment.  They walk a delicate line between respecting the privacy of their young adult family member while engaging in important decisions about next steps as a family.  We believe that parents’ understanding and support of the treatment here is essential to successful outcomes. We have found that residential treatment is generally most successful when family and other key supports are involved.

Our family work consists of two complementary family support services; parent coaching and case management conference calls.

Parent Coaching

Our Parent Coach offers support and education related to the challenges, hopes, and fears specific to parenting a young adult in treatment.  As our clients address challenging patterns that have held them back, parents are faced with making changes to enhance the goal of healthy individuation and independence.

We incorporate the concepts outlined in The Parallel Process, by Krissy Pozatek, LICSW.  It is such an important resource that all of our families receive a copy of the book during the admission process.  Some of the topics in the book that will be reviewed during parent coaching sessions include:

  • The concept of the entangled parent and defining ownership of problems
  • Balanced parenting and developing internal resources in young adults
  • Letting go of the reins and practicing the art of reframing
  • Opening to the future: forgiveness and gratitude

The Parent Coaching teleconferences are an integral part of our family support.

Coaching sessions are for parents only. They are designed to provide a safe place for parents to process, vent, problem solve, and work on skills for improving their communication to build a healthy adult relationship with their child.  Many of our parents report that their sessions with the Parent Coach have offered critical support to help them manage their own emotional wellness and understand the process of their child’s treatment.

Case Management Conference Calls

Our Clinical Case Managers serve as the main point of contact for parents, referring professionals, and other collateral supports.  At admission, Clinical Case Managers will discuss with residents and families the level of parental contact and involvement that works best for everyone. Typically, parents engage in weekly conference calls with residents and the Case Manager to discuss treatment goals and progress, challenges, family issues relevant to treatment, and practical planning.  Some residents choose to maintain additional regular phone contact with their families, while others prefer the independence of limiting contact to the conference calls. We work hard with our residents and families on fostering healthy, adult-to-adult communication.