Career Support

orca mediaSpruce Mountain Inn recognizes the importance that employment plays in the transition to independence for young adults.  We believe that the sense of accomplishment and enjoyment that come from successful work experiences enhances well-being and can provide a foundation for increased self-esteem and recovery from mental health challenges.

Through our Career Development Program, clients are offered unique opportunities to gain skills as well as to increase personal autonomy.  The opportunities range from the vocationally-related components of our Life Skills Program to volunteer placements and competitive employment.

 Components of the Career Development Program include:

  • Career Horizons Group will explore educational and career interests. Participants will engage in discussions, develop action plans, and set goals for themselves. Topics include: unusual paths to a career, making the most out of part-time jobs and volunteering, what to look for in a career, lifespan education, values and career decisions, obtaining occupational information, hard and soft employment skills, defining a dream job, and “who moved my cheese?” and “best strategies in dealing with change.”State House
  • Employability Group looks at how one can become skilled at possessing a job and/or be ready for hire. By the end of the 8 week course individuals will know how to go through a successful job search, be able to define and explain personal qualities hiring professionals seek in new hires, understand roles individuals take in organizational group meetings, know how best to navigate organizational issues, and be able to place meaning on the value of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards.
  • Volunteer Community Placement/Internship – Volunteer job placements are individualized to match the resident’s needs, interests, abilities and personal goals. More than fifty potential placements range from government agencies, local non-profits, nature centers and parks, community social services, television and radio stations, schools and libraries and environmental and social justice organizations.  Placements are based on client interest and could transition into paid work.  All unpaid work is accompanied by a stipend paid to the resident by the Inn.
  • Competitive Work – For some program participants, employer-paid work experiences often follow their volunteer community placement/internship.