At Spruce we believe that recreation & hobbies are a key element of healthy living, and we have woven structured and independent recreation activities into all areas of our program to support resident wellness and social connection.ResActive4

Spruce’s schedule offers many groups and outings that allow residents to explore interests, socialize, extend themselves beyond their comfort zone, and manage stress through a variety of staff-lead activities including:

  • Movement Group: sports and games such as volleyball, basketball, tennis, frisbee, swimming and skiiing
  • Trips to local arts and music events & festivals
  •  Leisure Group: bowling, museums, rock climbing, festivals, movies, etc.
  •  Adventure Group: hiking, canoeing, biking, snowshoeing, geocaching, etc.
  • Yoga Group
  • Shopping and mall trips
  • Holiday special outings and events
  • Gym Group: weekly group visit to the local fitness center

We are especially committed to engaging residents in regular physical activity for the extensive empirically-proven health and mood benefits. While we offer some sort of movement or exercise programming each day,Swim 1 residents also have access to our on-site fitness & cardio equipment and can be transported to and from the local fitness center daily if they choose. We have a large collection of sports and recreation gear for personal use, including bicycles, skis, snowshoes, basketballs and hoop, soccer and other sports balls, etc. Many residents choose to supplement their on-campus activity with community classes in yoga, dance, martial arts, or other movement activities.