Arts at Spruce

The expressive arts are woven into many aspects ofNate Art treatment at Spruce Mountain, due to their empirically-proven therapeutic and health benefits. In addition to structured group time, residents are strongly encouraged to make art and music independently as methods of self-expression, stress management, and creative personal exploration.

Spruce Mountain’s main campus features a well-equipped art and music studio where residents may paint, ART 1draw, sculpt, build, or otherwise create art. This space is often used during free time for art making, holiday or event preparation, and jam sessions. Additionally, there are several structured art groups led by an Expressive Arts Therapist. Residents with an interest in visual and creative arts are drawn to the studio as a safe space to create and build community, and those without extensive art experience often discover a new love for making art while here.

Several times per year, staff and residents come together for a variety of performing arts events including our annual “Spruce Mountain Inn Day” variety show, spoken word & poetry readings, open mics, and collaborative music performances. Participation is always optional, but strongly encouraged as a way to build connection, release stress, and enjoy the many benefits of creative expression.