The Psycho-Active Benefits of Dark Chocolate

The View from Dr. B’s Office… Before she had any idea what I had in mind for this column, Candace suggested that I call it “The Psycho-Active Benefits of Dark Chocolate.” Candace is a mind reader. She is also a generous person with others, but stingy when it comes to herself. So when she permits

30 Years of Excellence and Characteristics of Clients Poised for Success at Our Program

For 30 years Spruce has offered an exceptional program built on the same principles that have served our clients well all these years.  At the same time, we have refined, improved and evolved as a program with tremendous depth and resilience. We continue to espouse certain evidence based principles of Assertive Community Treatment.  Our programming has

New “Enhanced” Family Support

Family work can be tricky when a young adult is in treatment. Our clients are adults and have rights to confidentiality. Their parents, however, continue to play extremely important roles in their lives; often supporting their treatment financially and emotionally. Many programs avoid communication with parents of their children who have reached the age of

The Call

Your cell phone rings at 7:45 A.M. You are on your way to an 8:15 meeting. Traffic is merging into a single lane ahead. You will be late. The call is from Vermont, a number you know well. “Hello,” you say, juggling coffee mug, phone and wheel. You feel your heart beating. It is Tuesday morning

Office in the Spring

  Rain. Partly cloudy. Rain. Mostly cloudy. Snow. All cloudy. Rain. Spring has come in fits and starts to the North Countryas usual, but this usual serving of ornery weather spares us for the most part from the drastic climatic events plaguing the rest of the country. Despite the weather, or maybe because of it,

Farewell to Ed Levin

Almost a year ago, Dr. Richard Bernstein arrived at Spruce Mountain Inn to serve as our psychiatrist. Prior to coming to Spruce, he was the Director of the Psychiatry Training Program at the University of Vermont and the Director of Inpatient Psychiatry at Fletcher Allen Healthcare. Dr. B wrote some reflections about his work here

Substance Abuse Treatment @ Spruce Mountain Inn

Dual diagnosis treatment at SMI has never been an afterthought, but always an integral part of our program. Since addiction issues affect a majority of young adults receiving mental health treatment, Spruce Mountain Inn has developed a comprehensive and integrated approach to our clients who have addiction issues. Abstinence from use of substances while in

Community is an Important Part of Healing

For over 27 years, Spruce Mountain Inn staff members dedicate themselves to maintain a healing community. We are a small program committed to staying small. We carefully manage our milieu to include young adults who will benefit from and contribute toward a supportive community. From the admissions process to day-to-day life at the Inn, our

Program Participants “Vote With Their Feet”

We often tell our young adult clients who want greater levels of independence that they must ‘vote with their feet.’  Therefore the plans they make must demonstrate with actions that show families and professionals that they can manage the increased independence they seek.  Testing one’s wings while involved with a professional support system such as

Core Issues of a young adult population

It would be difficult to match the clinical depth of the Spruce Mountain Inn program. For over twenty six years, we have offered a very structured program, the components of which are diverse, comprehensive, complementary and sophisticated. Our program is small with unparalleled attention to individual treatment needs. While all of our clients must be