Community is an Important Part of Healing

For over 27 years, Spruce Mountain Inn staff members dedicate themselves to maintain a healing community. We are a small program committed to staying small. We carefully manage our milieu to include young adults who will benefit from and contribute toward a supportive community. From the admissions process to day-to-day life at the Inn, our staff work tirelessly to support the development of a supportive community.

Before a participant comes to Spruce, Candace, Grant and Ed thoroughly read records and have conversations with prior treatment providers, referring parties and prospective clients. We require of our program participants the ability to support one another in making healthy choices and forming healthy relationships.

Encompassing nearly 40 hours a week, our groups focus on relationship and communications skills. Therapists, Case Managers and Support Workers offer interpersonal and small group support, community meetings, daily group “check in’s” to keep our community running smoothly. The result is a positive, forward looking group of young adults focused on getting better.

We celebrate our community with an annual event we call Spruce Mountain Inn Day. For 25 years, we mark the anniversary of the opening of our program in a special way. On this day we in March we celebrate our community as a whole as well as its members. Always in early spring at the time of the Equinox we celebrate light: the end of winter and the shining of our individual lights. The day includes our version of ‘This Little Light of Mine, I’m gonna let it shine…”. This old spiritual serves as a beacon, through song, of what Spruce Mountain Inn is all about.

Staff and program participants let their lights shine by sharing talents, hobbies and passions. We enjoy amazing musical performances, poetry readings, power point presentations, testimonials and demonstrations of: white water kayaking, hiking the Long Trail, maple sugaring, juggling, biking, painting, etc. We enjoy an elaborate feast, sugar on snow (an old Vermont tradition) and a bonfire. And in the end, we each light a candle to celebrate our light and our community. By maintaining the Spruce Mountain Inn Day tradition, we continue to place value on our strengths and highlight the spirit and energy that promotes healing for all of us.