30 Years of Excellence and Characteristics of Clients Poised for Success at Our Program

For 30 years Spruce has offered an exceptional program built on the same principles that have served our clients well all these years.  At the same time, we have refined, improved and evolved as a program with tremendous depth and resilience. We continue to espouse certain evidence based principles of Assertive Community Treatment. 

Our programming has always been COMPREHENSIVE. With more staff than program participants, Spruce sets the standard in this arena. We offer an incomparable Vocational and Educational Program with over 100 diverse and interesting Community Placements.  We work on Independent Living Skills including Cooking Classes with our wonderful Chef.  We work with families via conference calls with Case Managers and our Parent Coach.  Our group program spans nearly 40 hours a week with 15 different group facilitators and 24 different content groups! We use a Case Management model for closely COORDINATED treatment.

Each client has a multidisciplinary treatment team with whom they meet with individually and as a group. We have always offered a CONTINUOUS treatment model with step downs. (That means that apartment and/or off-site living is an integral part of the program). The same treatment team stays with their clients throughout their progression here.

We have always been COMMUNITY BASED. Program participants are in the community as much as possible for work, fun, exercise and school.

While we have a solid history of success we are also always improving our program. Over time, the depth and breadth of our offerings has increased as client needs shift and staff expertise grows!

Who Does Best Here in 2012?

  • Currently the best candidates for our program must be able to take advantage of the very full group structure as well as outside work and school opportunities.
  • They must be able and poised to be a contributing member of a wonderfully supportive and homogeneous peer group.
  • Our age range spans from 17 to upper 20’s.
  • Our program participants have insight and some willingness to be challenged.
  • They are able to transition to independence.

Our Program is more dynamic than ever and a wonderful opportunity for young adults to receive a tremendous amount of support and opportunity to learn and grow.  Our tagline, ‘the place for a new start,’ is as true as ever!