Transition to Independent Living

Spruce Mountain Inn, Aaron Aldridge LCMHC, Assistant DirectorAaron Aldridge, LCMHC

Assistant Director


                                Transition to Independent Living

                       Our team at Spruce Mountain Inn has spent nearly four decades helping young adults acquire the skills they need to achieve and maintain a fulfilling, independent life. The substantial experience we’ve acquired over the long term has allowed us to fine-tune our processes and craft one of the most successful Transition to Independent Living programs available anywhere.

We’ve observed that, very often, Transition to Independent Living is a difficult process for most incoming residents, and we’re here to help them engineer the road-map needed for making that transition.

Highlighted below are some of the factors that shape our program:

  • Purposefully designed structure is key if meaningful change is to occur. Without it, residents often revert to old, sometimes damaging behaviors.
  • Residents may tend to isolate as they work through issues such as social anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, etc., and we provide the supports needed to break the cycle of isolating behaviors.
  • Before entering treatment many of our residents have found transition from home life to college life an overwhelming endeavor. We help prepare the needed foundation and emotional resilience necessary for a successful launch into college life.

As they work their wSpruce Mountain Inn, Greatwood Lodge Livingroomay through the program, residents experience numerous micro-transitions. Changes are introduced gradually as new skills are learned, and under the guidance of a multidisciplinary treatment team, residents progress from living in the main residence to living in the on-site annex apartments. Finally, residents will advance to living at Spruce’s off-site, unstaffed, Greatwood Lodge. They’ll learn to plan their own meals and can opt to continue eating at the Inn. Residents will also learn to set their own curfews and manage their own tech. These micro-transitions will allow residents to develop and test new skills.

Treatment occurs in a small home-like setting, and residents are supported as they engage in the community through volunteerism, education, employment, and recreation.

Listed below are a few of our program highlights:

  • Volunteer/ internship placements
  • Chef led cooking instruction
  • Psycho-education Groups: Academic Success, Healthy Living, and Healthy Tech
  • Driving instruction
  • Experiential Groups: Expressive Arts, Gym, Trauma-informed Yoga, Adventure Group, Movement Group
  • Psychotherapy Groups: Relationships, Living Sober, Gender and Sexuality, Recovery Techniques, Learning to Be Social
  • Groups to Spark Creativity: Open Studio, “Gorilla” Theater, Writing Group, Off-Beat Hour

Graduation: The program at Spruce Mountain Inn is designed to culminate with residents moving out into the world at large or off to college on their own and not back in with their families, as doing so almost always results in regression.

The Spruce Mountain Inn program for Transition to Independent Living is one that has been carefully curated over decades. Our graduates leave the program well prepared for a successful, independent life.

We look forwarding to helping clients, and families, on their journey to independent living.

For more information about Spruce Mountain Inn, contact us at [email protected].