Career Training & Development

Spruce Mountain Inn recognizes the importance that employment and earning a living play in the transition to independence for young adults. Additionally, we believe that the sense of accomplishment and enjoyment that come from successful work experiences enhances well-being and can provide a foundation for increased self-esteem and recovery from mental health challenges.orca media

Through our Career Development program, clients are offered unique opportunities to gain skills as well as to increase self-esteem and personal autonomy. These opportunities range from the vocationally related components of the Life Skills Program at the Inn to volunteer placements and competitive community employment.

 Components of the Career Development Program include:

  •  Career Horizons Group – In this group, which all new residents attend, vocational and educational dreams and goals are defined and honed with each new resident. Participants complete career interest inventories, personality type indicators, and other measures to enhance self-awareness and clarify goals.State House
  • Temporary Community Placement – From early residency and as part of Life Skills Program, residents gain practical “on-the-job” experience in local businesses and organizations.
  • Volunteer Community Placement/Internship – Volunteer job placements are individualized to match the client’s needs, interests, abilities, and personal goals. All unpaid work is accompanied by a stipend paid to the client by the Inn.
  • Employability Group— This group supports residents in building the skills necessary to seek competitive, People's Health & Wellness Clinicpaid jobs in the community. Support includes resume building, employment search strategies, interview preparation, application completion and employer follow-up, and other job hunting skills.
  • Competitive Work – For some program participants, employer-paid work experiences often follow community placement.