Happy New Year! What Does Your 2015 Have in Store?

Happy New Year!

As we here at Spruce emerge from the busy holiday season and welcome the possibilities of 2015, residents in our Recovery & Wellness Techniques Group have been working on setting “intentions” for greater health and wellness. Intentions differ from “resolutions” in that they guide us to work in a directed way but allow for slips and lulls, changes of pace, and revisions without the same sense of failure often associated with New Year’s resolutions. Most Spruce residents have treatment goals related to improving mood and over-all life satisfaction, and these intentions were set to compliment the very hard clinical work they are doing here in treatment.

Spruce staff are setting our intentions as well, and 2015 holds some exciting things:

  • New groups on Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, nutrition and assertive communication and feedback are being added to our schedule of programming
  • Candace and Shauna are gearing up for a busy season of outreach, attending NATSAP, IECA, School Connections, and ARTA conferences
  • Staff are preparing to expand skills for supporting clients with ADHD and Trauma with upcoming retreat training sessions

What does your 2015 have in store?