The Call

Your cell phone rings at 7:45 A.M. You are on your way to an 8:15 meeting. Traffic is merging into a single lane ahead. You will be late. The call is from Vermont, a number you know well. “Hello,” you say, juggling coffee mug, phone and wheel. You feel your heart beating. It is Tuesday morning

Office in the Spring

  Rain. Partly cloudy. Rain. Mostly cloudy. Snow. All cloudy. Rain. Spring has come in fits and starts to the North Countryas usual, but this usual serving of ornery weather spares us for the most part from the drastic climatic events plaguing the rest of the country. Despite the weather, or maybe because of it,

Farewell to Ed Levin

Almost a year ago, Dr. Richard Bernstein arrived at Spruce Mountain Inn to serve as our psychiatrist. Prior to coming to Spruce, he was the Director of the Psychiatry Training Program at the University of Vermont and the Director of Inpatient Psychiatry at Fletcher Allen Healthcare. Dr. B wrote some reflections about his work here